Celebrating Our Young Volunteers

This week is Volunteers’ Week and today we’re celebrating our young volunteers and the fantastic contribution they make.

Did you know our School Saver Clubs are run entirely by young volunteers?  In the last 12 months our 51 young volunteer officers, have processed more than 1345 transactions, greeted 152 members at 118 collections across our 4 School Saver Clubs.  Wow, what an achievement!

Four of our fantastic young volunteers from Apley Wool Primary School, Telford, joined FAIRshare recently to share their experiences of being a volunteer School Saver Club Officer, and we couldn’t think of a better way of celebrating our Young Volunteers than sharing their words with you.  Be prepared to be inspired –

Ella McDermott – Manager

“In my role of Manager, I’m organised and always have a back-up plan. I ’m kind and fair and I make sure that everyone is happy and knows what they’re doing.  If anyone isn’t here, I would fill in for them and make sure everything runs smoothly.  I count the money, check and sign the money sheets and record all data on the reconciliation sheet.

I’ve really enjoyed my role as manager because it’s made me more confident to give my opinion rather than just listening to others.”

Carys Thomas – Cashier

“For my role as cashier you need to have the skill to count large amounts of money.  You also need to have a positive attitude and be friendly to your customers.  As well as that, you need to be able to work well with customers and be organised.

During the preparation, you need to listen carefully and pay attention to show that you can be trusted with money.

I love my role because I’m now less shy and I can count large amounts of money confidently.”

Holly Clark – Cashier

“As my role is cashier, I am confident with money and I am not distracted easily.  The information I deal with is confidential and is not to be told to anybody but the necessary people.

When I started Fairshare, I wasn’t very confident with money and I am now.  I have met a lot of people and become better at public speaking.”

Angelica Talens – Stationery Officer

“Hello and I am a Stationery Officer and my job is to make sure that everything is put out ready for the Fairshare [Saver Club] to start.  You need to be early in the morning and be organised, quick and ready for anything.

I have enjoyed sorting the box out since I am a perfectionist and it can get very messy.”

A huge ‘thank you’ to ALL our young volunteers  who’ve done a fantastic job this year.