Squirrel saver club

Squirrel Saver Club

Welcome to the Squirrel Saver Club, especially for Young Savers like you!

Meet Squirrel Saver! FAIRshare’s Squirrel Saver loves to save, and hopes you enjoy saving too! Squirrel Saver saves lots of nuts & acorns to make sure he has enough to last all winter! Happy Saving!

NEW issue of the Squirrel Saver Times Newsletter

Download the new Winter 2016 of Squirrel Saver Times, packed with FAIRshare news, games & puzzles!

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What are you saving for?

Why not tell us what you are saving for, and we might include you on our website, or in our next Squirrel Saver Times!  Email your story to squirrelsaver@fairshare.uk.com, or deliver to our Telford or Shrewsbury branch or any of our FAIRshare Service Points.  Remember to ask a grown up for permission first!

Squirrel Facts

  • Did you know that despite having perfect vision as adults, baby squirrels are blind at birth?
  • Mother squirrels can have two to eight babies at once!
  • Baby squirrels are called kittens!
  • Kittens (baby squirrels) depend on their mother for food and drink (mostly milk) for the first few months of their life. After that, they can hunt for food themselves.
  • Squirrels love to eat nuts, acorns, roots, tree bark and small insects!

squirrel facts

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