Without our members, there would be no FAIRshare.  We strive to provide the best possible service to all our members and love hearing their views.  Here are some testimonials from members to share with you.  We’d love to hear your comments too – please complete the form below to send us your comments.

We’re always keen to hear what our members say …

“I’ve been a member since formation in 1994 enjoying cheaper loans on a regular basis.  Ethical loans and savings in the locality is what it is all about for me!”

“I’ve been saving [with FAIRshare] for 21 years, and I remember early on I withdrew my savings to pay for an emergency car repair – it was very useful and much needed!”

I like the fact that FAIRshare is local and owned by the people who use it.

“FAIRshare has saved me from many a tight squeeze, money wise.  I have had many lovely holidays as well as giving a helping hand to family members.”

It’s convenient, friendly and enabled us to save for a wonderful silver wedding celebration and the holiday of a lifetime.

“Initially you were there for me to help my sister who had to move very quickly.  After that you helped me purchase household goods.  I mention FAIRshare to many people – encouraging people to save is paramount.”

It’s easy for me to save by standing order which helps and it’s been great for putting aside money for our son’s university fees.

FAIRshare has always helped me in every way they can.”

I saved through FAIRshare credit union and then borrowed enough to improve my home by building a conservatory.

“Brilliant service!  Couldn’t wish for better service.  Staff excellent!”

I am very grateful to FAIRshare.  Both myself and my son have accounts and you have been tremendously helpful.

“FAIRshare is great at helping me save money and fantastic at helping me with loans and paying them back.  Keep up the good work.”

“FAIRshare has saved my life on many occasions throughout the years!”

“I joined FAIRshare in September 1994 and it was the best thing I have ever done.  From never having any savings and being constantly in debt, I have my own house, my cars are bought for cash, and the habit of saving has become second nature.  I wish that everyone had the same chance.”

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