3rd money-saving tip in FAIRshare Credit Union’s ten-part mini-series

Get a better mobile phone deal


Most of us would be lost without our mobile phones. These little rectangular devices are our lifeline to the outside world. They allow us to communicate for work and pleasure, play games with people all over the world, check in on our friends and family via social media and give us access to lifesaving advice.


But, most of us are also overpaying for data and talk time. As part of your money-saving mission, it’s time to get a better mobile phone deal and potentially save hundreds of pounds every year on your mobile bills.

Research for better deals

A great place to start your research for a better mobile phone deal is with price comparison websites. We discussed price comparison sites in this article.  


With well-founded research at your fingertips, you’ll be better armed to tackle your current provider about a better deal. Remember, when using price comparison websites, you can often do the whole deal online, without the need to talk with your current provider. 


Read this advice from Ofcom about ending your current mobile phone contract with a simple text.

Be bold and ask for a better deal

The other way to get a better mobile phone deal is to ask for one. 


You may feel a little anxious about calling your provider and asking if they can provide you with a better deal, but as the old saying goes, ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get.


If you don’t have any joy with asking, then you could also call up your mobile provider’s cancellations department — assuming that you’re either out of contract or coming to the end of your contracted term. The cancellations teams’ main priority is to ensure that the network retains as many customers as possible. If you call and threaten to cancel your contract, the likelihood is that they’ll offer you a better deal to stay. 

And, if they don’t offer you anything better, you do not have to go through with the cancellation of your contract.


What constitutes a better deal?

A better mobile phone deal may not necessarily mean paying less than you are now. It could mean that you continue to pay the same amount of money, but you get a better data bundle, or you get unlimited calls and text messages included with your package. Or, you could even get a better phone!

Think about sim-only deals 

If you’re coming towards the end of your contracted term and you actually like the phone you have now (assuming that it’s in a good state of repair and will last for a long time), it could be time to cancel your contract completely and opt for a sim-only pay-as-you-go deal. 


The beauty of a sim-only deal is that you’ll no longer have a hefty mobile phone bill to pay every month. You simply top-up your phone credit, which often works out several pounds cheaper than paying for a mobile phone contract. This option is the perfect solution if you’re trying to significantly slash your monthly bills and stash the savings.