A Volunteer’s Story

Beryl Bent

Mrs Beryl Bent started volunteering at her local credit union, S.H.R.U.B. Credit Union, 21 years ago and has never looked back.  After initial training, Beryl became a cashier and volunteered weekly at local collection points in Stirchley, Randlay & Brookside,  a role she continued at Stirchley until July 2015.  Over the years she has made many friends.

S.H.R.U.B. Credit Union offered secure savings and affordable loans to residents of Stirchley, Hollinswood, Randlay, United with Brookside.  Beryl also joined S.H.R.U.B.’s  credit committee which considered loan applications.

One of Beryl’s many highlights was starring in the 1994 Pantomine, which the volunteers organised to help raise awareness of S.H.R.U.B. credit union.  Beryl has fond memories of her ‘word perfect’ performance as ‘Mr Credit’ in 2 performances of Cinderella at the Brookside Centre to ‘sell out’ audiences.

In 1998 Beryl was appointed Chair of S.H.R.U.B Credit Union and was instrumental in them joining FAIRshare in 2002.  Beryl continued to play an active role in FAIRshare Credit Union, and was Chair of the Board from 2005 – 2010.



For the past 13 years, Beryl has managed FAIRshare’s filing archive.  This role ended in July 2015, having been replaced by an electronic filing system thanks to a grant from the Santander Trust.

Beryl continues volunteering at FAIRshare, remaining on the Credit Committee – a role she has done for 21 years – what an achievement.

Thank you Beryl for all your help & hard work .