Debt Awareness Week

It’s the 10th anniversary of Step Change’s Debt Awareness Week. A regular comment from people that seek their assistance is that they wish they had asked for help earlier.

If you have debt concerns and feel overwhelmed, they are encouraging you to seek their FREE and impartial advice. They know many people have barriers when seeking advice which might be:

  1. Not understanding how debt advice could help you
  2. Being worried that your friends or family will find out
  3. Fears that their credit score will be affected
  4. Mental health issues making it more difficult to get help
  5. Not having enough time to seek advice and tackle your debt

Why not overcome the first step and visit Step Change’s website? They are a not-for-profit debt charity and their support is FREE.

FAIRshare also offers debt management support on our website. It highlights national and local organisations which may be able to help you get the support you need.