FAIRshare Award for Awareness Campaign

Stop Loan Sharks Partner Recognition Status

FAIRshare is delighted to have been awarded the Stop Loan Sharks Partner Recognition status. Stop Loan Sharks England (SLSE) highlighted to us the very real danger of unscrupulous money lenders within communities. We wanted to learn more and how to best support and educate local people with safe and confidential advice.

Stop Loan Sharks is the lead organisation in England with the power to prosecute loan sharks and illegal money lenders. Since 2004, they have helped over 30,000 people who have borrowed from loan sharks.

FAIRshare staff received training from SLSE which demonstrated the scale of the problem. Loan sharks can be clever and often disguise themselves as your ‘friend’. This could be someone at the school gate, a neighbour or even someone in your work place. Often they lend small amounts of money which seem manageable. Unfortunately the ‘friendship’ does not last long before they can demand huge amounts of interest with threats of violence.

If you have borrowed money this way, you must remember that you are not a criminal – they are! We understand taking this first step can feel frightening but SLSE’s advice is confidential and they want to help and support you. You can also contact them if you have concerns about someone close to you.

Contacting Stop Loan Sharks England is easy. You can call them 24/7 on 0300 555 2222 or start a Live Chat with them on their website….

The Stop Loan Sharks Partner Recognition Status Award recognises our commitment to you and the communities we serve. We are your ethical, not-for-profit bank. We will only lend money to you if it is manageable and affordable. If you do not meet the criteria to borrow from FAIRshare, we will signpost you to the best FREE financial advice and support. You can always talk to us first before borrowing money from anyone.

If you have any money worries, you can always refer to FAIRshare’s Cost of Living page.