FAIRshare Telford Branch Update

We are pleased to announce that as of 10am on Monday the 29/06/2020 we will be reopening our Telford Branch with a few changes.

We will not be able to accept cash deposits or withdrawals at our Branch, as this still presents a risk to the Staff and FAIRshare Members. Members can request a cashless withdrawal in the branch as we will still be able to transfer monies to bank accounts or engage cards, however, to avoid queuing outside we would advise members to use online members access or call member services on 01952 200200
For members that regularly use our Telford branch to make cash withdrawals

To be able to withdraw money you will need to add details of a bank account (held in your name) to your FAIRshare account.  To do this please call our Member Services Team on (01952) 200200 during office hours.

If you have already notified FAIRshare of your bank account details, please ensure that you have set up and activated your online member’s access.  To set up this free service, please call our Member Services Team on (01952) 200200 during office hours.

Members wishing to deposit savings

You will still be able to save with FAIRshare by setting up a Standing Order from your bank account to FAIRshare.  For information on how to set up a Standing Order please see our website or speak to us.

The Telford Branch will only be able to hold 2 members at one time. So when you enter you will be asked to keep right and wait in the customer queue zone. Once you have been served you will be asked to keep right again and leave the branch, therefore allowing the next member who is queuing outside to enter. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and further emails for updates. 

We wish all our Members, and their families and friends, well over the coming weeks.