Inspirational young volunteers

It’s Volunteers’ Week at present – the perfect opportunity to tell all our volunteers ‘you make the difference’ and to thank them for the important contributions they make.

Did you know our School Saver Clubs are run by teams of inspirational young volunteers?  

We’ve asked some of them to share their thoughts & experiences, and hope their stories will inspire you to volunteer with FAIRshare too!

Apley Wood Primary School Saver Club

Josh Gosnell (Cashier) and Holly Parkinson (Stationery Officer) share their thoughts on volunteering at their School Saver Club.

Why do you do it?

I enjoy volunteering because you can challenge yourself with different jobs and responsibilities.  I like to see a smile on people’s faces when they get a sticker for being a regular saver.

Your favourite moment?

The most exciting thing was when I found out that I had got the job as Stationery Officer.  The first time that we had real customers was really exciting.

Any advice for anyone considering volunteering?

I would tell other volunteers to stay calm and don’t worry about making a mistake because there are lots of people to help.  The team will encourage and help you.

Do you volunteer for any other organisations?

I help my grandparents with Marie Curie collection and Tree of Life.

Click here for more information on the Apley Wood Primary School Saver Club.

Gobowen Primary School Saver Club

Charlotte Bird Roberts, age 11 – Manager

I enjoy volunteering for FAIRshare because it gives me the opportunity to do something different from the usual school day and I get to use my maths skills in a real situation.  You need to arrive on time to open the bank for the customers and also take time to write the numbers clearly as this can cause confusion when balancing at the end of the session.  At Easter, if you save, you get chocolate.

Jodie Davies Dowd, age 11 – Stationery Officer

I enjoy volunteering for FAIRshare because it gives me the chance to do different things and the responsibilities of doing a proper job.  It is important to keep the different sheets in order and make sure you have enough copies for each session.

Joseph St John, age 11 – IT Officer

I enjoy volunteering for FAIRshare because I like IT and I have learnt new skills using the spreadsheets.  You must make sure you check everything you type in matches the collection sheets.

Lowri Smith, age 11 – Cashier

I enjoy volunteering for FAIRshare because you practice maths skills and as a cashier you meet the children from different classes in school when they come to save their money.  I enjoyed doing the cashier training sessions because it was really fun.  You need to be good at maths.

Click here for more information on the Gobowen Primary School Saver Club.

Volunteering Opportunity with our School Saver Clubs

FAIRshare works in partnership with local schools to help young people get into the savings habit and learn money management skills.  We are looking for volunteer School Saver Co-ordinators to work with local schools, helping to set up a Savings Club, promote the School Saver Club throughout school and the local community, and providing training and support to the children and staff at weekly or fortnightly collection points.

We are looking for people who share our passion for helping young people to learn money management skills and promoting a savings habit.  Ideally volunteers would have some local knowledge and maybe some marketing experience, though this is not essential.

Commitment for the role is flexible, though there is a requirement to fit in with school events and support collection points.

Click here to visit our Volunteering page for more information of Volunteering with FAIRshare.

More information on FAIRshare’s School Saver Clubs can be found by clicking here.