Open a Christmas Saver Account now!

Open a Christmas Saver Account now and make 2019 your best Christmas ever!

It’s January … the decorations are heading back to the loft, the remaining Christmas chocolates are almost finished, and the last thing you probably want to think about is next Christmas!  However NOW is the perfect time to open a Christmas Saver Account with FAIRshare Credit Union, and spread the cost to make Christmas 2019 hassle free!

So why open a Christmas Saver Account now?

That’s easy!  The sooner you open your account and start saving, the less money you need to save each week or month, and the more savings you have at Christmas.  For example, save £15 a week from week commencing 15th January, and you will have £735 by Christmas.  However, leave it until August, and you must save £40 a week to have a similar amount at Christmas.  Use our handy Weekly or Monthly Christmas Saver Charts and see how much you can save for Christmas and perhaps even the January sales too!

Last year, FAIRshare members with Christmas Saver Accounts collectively saved almost £19,000 – these members certainly know how great a Christmas Saver account is!

So open a Christmas Saver Account now!

12 great reasons to open a Christmas Saver Account today

Still not sure?  Then check out these 12 great reasons to open a Christmas Saver Account today –

  1. Flexible saving
    Save something each payday and watch your savings grow without you noticing.  Pay in weekly, monthly, fortnightly or 4 weekly, and save from just £1 a week.  Try our handy Weekly or Monthly Christmas Saver Chart to calculate how much you can save for Christmas.
  2. Avoid New Year debt
    Don’t start the New Year with a hefty credit card bill.  Did you know 20% of us are still paying off our Christmas debts up to 6 months later?  Start saving regularly to build up a lump sum for Christmas, and be safe in the knowledge that you won’t be paying the costs of Christmas in the New Year.
  3. Easy ways to save
    Save by standing order from your bank or building society, payroll saving (if offered by your employer) or in branch.  Set up an affordable payment when you open your Christmas Saver Account, and then pay in extra if you have a little spare at any time!
  4. Cash not vouchers
    Spend your savings as you wish rather than be tied to a particular shop, catalogue or hamper company.  Choose where you spend your money, and by taking advantage of the best deals make your money go even further.  Look out for great deals on ‘Black Friday’, ‘Cyber Monday’, and remember, if you shop online with your prepaid visa debit Engage card, you could earn cashback too!
  5. Funds locked
    To help encourage saving, your Christmas Saver Account is ‘locked’ until November 1st.  From then to 20th December you can withdraw your savings as you wish, before the account is locked again and you start saving for next Christmas!
  6. Shop early
    Avoid last minute, panic shopping in busy shops on packed High Streets!  Shop from 1st November, when and where you want, and take advantage of ‘early bird’ deals & promotions.
  7. Convenient & easy
    Save directly into your Christmas Saver account – no ‘stamps’, ‘payment cards’ or ‘saving books’ to lose, and check your balance using Online Members’ Access 24/7.  Alternatively call Member Services or pop into a branch at any time.
  8. Safe & secure savings … guaranteed
    FAIRshare’s members money is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). In the unlikely event that anything should happen to FAIRshare, the FSCS would automatically refund your savings.  Many Hamper Companies, informal Christmas Clubs and local saving schemes with pubs & societies aren’t secure.
  9. Stress free Christmas
    Worrying about money can take the fun and enjoyment out of Christmas.  By saving for Christmas you can plan ahead and enjoy a stress free festive season with your family and friends.
  10. No agent fees
    Many catalogues, hamper companies & savings clubs pay commission to their local agent – whilst you might not be aware that you’re paying fees, the cost is often recovered by higher prices.
  11. Avoid Expensive Lenders
    Many payday, doorstep & online lenders can charge more than 1500% APR, causing you financial anxiety when it comes to the New Year.  Although their adverts may look pretty and modern don’t be fooled into using their services.
  12. Keep saving
    Your Christmas Saver account is flexible, so you continue to save during November & December – perfect for last minute purchases, or why not treat yourself to a bargain in the January sales.

FAIRshare members can apply online to open a Christmas Saver account, so don’t delay, open a Christmas Saver Account now!


Need an extra helping hand?

Consider applying for a FAIRshare loan to top up your savings and help cover Christmas costs.  FAIRshare loans are often far cheaper than many other loan providers, and are tailored to suit your individual circumstances and your ability to afford the repayments.   AND … with a FAIRshare loan, you Save as you Borrow – your repayment includes a saving amount – so when you’ve paid back your loan, you’ll have saved more money too!