FAIRshare Loans

FAIRshare offers fair, manageable loans with flexible repayments and no penalties.  We promote responsible lending and do not lend more than you can afford to repay.

When you choose to borrow from us, we’ll allocate part of each loan repayment to your savings account.  So when you’ve repaid your loan, you’ll also have saved a cash lump sum.  We call this Save as you borrow, and its one of the great benefits of borrowing from FAIRshare.

Interest rates we charge are capped by our regulators making us considerably cheaper than some lending options.

All loan applications are assessed in person by a Loan Officer, and decisions are based on affordability.  As part of the assessment we will perform credit and identity checks on you with one or more credit reference agencies.

You must be over 18 years old and live, work or study in Shropshire to apply.

Check out our loan options below to see how much you could save with a FAIRshare loan.

All Loans are assessed on an individual basis.  The amount you can borrow is based on a number of factors including affordability, your history of managing credit and your status.

Borrow £500 & Top-up to £1000

  • 42.6% APR
  • Top-up offered in levels £500,£750 & £1000
  • Open-Cash available subject to terms

Borrow £50 – £7500

  • 23.1% APR – 42.6% APR
  • Maximum term 60 months
  • Save as you Borrow



Borrow £1501 – £7500

  • 34.5% APR
  • Maximum term 60 months
  • Exclusively for FAIRshare members



Borrow £1500 or more

  • 4.9% APR
  • Maximum term 60 months
  • Exclusively for FAIRshare members


Loan amount and interest rate is subject to income and eligibility.  Terms & conditions apply.

Benefits of borrowing from FAIRshare –

  • Fair, manageable loans with flexible repayments and no penalties.
  • Save as you borrow – your loan repayment includes a saving amount, so when you’ve paid back your loan, you’ll have saved money too.
  • Affordable weekly, monthly, fortnightly or 4 weekly repayments, calculated for up to 5 years depending on the loan type and purpose.*
  • Interest is charged on the reducing balance of your loan, and not the original loan value.  This saves you money compared to many other lenders.
  • Flexibility – borrow between £50 and £7500 over different periods depending on affordability and your circumstances.**
  • Borrow for almost any purpose, including a Consolidation Loan to pay off existing debts.
  • No penalty or fees if you pay off your loan early.***
  • Fixed rate of interest, from only 0.49% (6.1% APR) per month, to a maximum of 3% per month (42.6% APR).
  • A FAIRshare loan can also help improve your credit rating.
  • Quick & easy – we aim to give you a decision n within 24 hours from receipt of all supporting documentation.  If your application is approved, funds are transferred to your account within 24 hours of you signing your loan agreement

*Loans for annual events such as holidays, Christmas or car insurance will normally be repaid over a maximum of 12 months.  Please refer to FAIRshare for more information.
**Loans of higher amounts may be considered – the maximum that can be borrowed is £7500 above your savings value.