Payroll Bonus

10% Discount on Loans through Payroll Savings

Payroll Bonus – another great reason to be a payroll saver!

Many FAIRshare members are Payroll Savers, and make regular savings directly from their salary to their FAIRshare account. This is a safe, manageable way to way to save and repay loans.  The Payroll Bonus is a 10% discount off standard interest rate loans. This rewards Payroll Savers and helps them save even more money.  There has never been a better time to borrow from FAIRshare Credit Union.

How to qualify for Payroll Bonus

  • Become a member of FAIRshare Credit Union
  • Be 18 years of age or over
  • Have saved as a Payroll Saver for a minimum of three months.

Quick & Easy to Apply

  • Apply for your chosen FAIRshare loan online now for a quick decision or complete an application form & return to FAIRshare.
  • Processing time will vary depending on demand, but we aim to have made a decision within 72 hours of receiving all supporting paperwork.

Saving as you borrow

Your repayment includes a saving amount so when you’ve paid back your loan, you’ll have saved money too.  Please refer to your selected FAIRshare loan to see the recommended minimum saving amount.

How much will it cost?

Your Payroll Bonus will be a 10% discount off our standard interest rate on the following loans, so the following interest rates will apply –

> Cost Saving on Loans

Starter Loan - 38.1% APR after Payroll Bonus (usually 42.6%)
Saver Loan - 38.1% APR after Payroll Bonus (usually 42.6%)
Saver Plus Loan - 24.1% APR after Payroll Bonus (usually 26.8%)
Premier Loan - 17.6% APR after Payroll Bonus (usually 19.6%)
Premier Plus Loan - 9.4% APR after Payroll Bonus (usually 10.5%)
Secured Saver Loan - 5.4% APR after Payroll Bonus (usually 6.1%) - our lowest ever interest rate

With a FAIRshare loan, we work with you to ensure your weekly or monthly repayments are affordable and suit your budget.  The longer the repayment period, the smaller the repayments, but the more interest you will repay overall.  Visit the Loan Calculator and select the Payroll Saver option for each to see how much a loan will cost.

Additional Borrowing

You don’t need to have repaid your loan in full to qualify to Top Up your FAIRshare loan, but you must have made at least 3 months’ (or 12 weeks) regular repayments to your existing loan before applying.  Any outstanding loan balance will be taken into consideration when assessing your application.  

Terms & Conditions

FAIRshare’s standard Terms & Conditions apply to loans.
There is a minimum period of 3 months Payroll Saving to qualify for the Payroll Bonus discount
The Payroll Bonus only applies to FAIRshare’s Starter Loan, Saver Loan, Saver Plus Loan, Premier Loan, Premier Plus Loan and Secured Saver Loan.

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