Protolabs Payroll Saving Scheme

Join the Protolabs Payroll Saving Scheme with FAIRshare Credit Union – the smarter way to manage your money.  We’re proud to have partnered Protolabs in providing Payroll Saving to their employees.

Saving a little every payday will soon add up to a tidy sum.  Perfect for meeting sudden expenses, affording the latest gadget or paying for an unforgettable holiday.  If all that sounds like common sense with money, that’s exactly what it is.  Plus, when you need a fair, manageable loan with flexible, affordable repayments, all you need to do is ask.

Protolabs exclusive discounts

We’re pleased to offer the following discounts to Protolabs employees –

  • Protolabs employees can join FAIRshare for FREE – we usually charge a £5 membership fee to cover administrative costs
  • An impressive 20% discount* off loan interest rates – we call this the Payroll Bonus – remember as a Protolabs employee you qualify for a 20% Payroll Bonus rather than our usual 10% offered to other Payroll Savers.
  • Optional Payroll e-Saver account earning a competitive 1.5% p.a. fixed-rate dividend paid annually.

* You can apply for a loan after you have saved with FAIRshare for a period of four weeks, and have completed the account opening process by telephoning FAIRshare after receiving your new member welcome pack.  The Payroll Bonus discount does not apply to the Secured Saver Loan.

What is Payroll Saving?

  • Payroll saving is making regular savings directly from your salary.  Protolabs deducts the amount you wish to save directly from your wages via the payroll and transfers this to your FAIRshare savings account – hence it is sometimes called Payroll Deduction.
  • Saving directly from your salary is so easy and hassle-free – you can save as little or as much as you wish, from just £1 a week or £5 a month
  • Your money is transferred to your FAIRshare account and can be withdrawn** at any time
  • Your employer has NO access to your FAIRshare account, balances or details
  • Payroll saving is a staff benefit which Protolabs offers to you
  • There is NO cost to you – Payroll Saving is free of charge

Why join Payroll Saving?

  • Saving directly from your salary is easy and hassle-free
  • Saving directly from your salary is the ‘painless’ way to save – it’s often easier to put some money aside before receiving your pay
  • Saving money regularly helps protect you from unexpected financial pressures and helps you manage your money more effectively
  • You can save as much as you want from just £1 a week or £5 a month
  • Savings soon build up to buy that special present, a holiday or to help with one of life’s emergencies
  • Savings can be withdrawn at any time**
  • You can manage your account 24/7 using Online Members’ Access
  • If you need to borrow money, FAIRshare offers fair, manageable loans to members – you can apply for a loan online, and the repayments can be deducted from your payroll savings
  • Save as you borrow – if you borrow from FAIRshare, your loan repayment includes a saving amount, so when you’ve paid back your loan, you’ll have saved money too.
  • Your money is safe and protected by the Financial Conduct Authority & the Prudential Regulation Authority, unlike staff ‘kitties’ or informal savings schemes
  • Your savings are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, currently to the value of £85,000

** You must keep £5 in your account to keep it open

Joining the Protolabs Payroll Saving Scheme is simple too, so why wait?   Join today and you can start saving tomorrow.