Christmas Saver Account

A safe, easy & flexible way to save for a happy Christmas

A FAIRshare Christmas Saver Account will enable you to save regularly to give you greater peace of mind at Christmas. It also prevents starting the New Year with a large credit card bill. Save a little each week or month, to take some of the stress away so you can enjoy the Christmas season.

A FAIRshare Christmas Saver Account is an easy & manageable way to save. Saving something each pay day helps spread the cost to create a more peaceful and happy Christmas.

To encourage you to save, the account is ‘locked’ until 1st November. You can then withdraw your savings and to do your Christmas shopping. One “free withdrawal “ is permitted before the 1st October. There will be a charge of £5 per withdrawal for two further withdrawals before 1st October. This is to encourage you to save for Christmas. Save from just £1 a week or £5 a month, and you will be pleasantly surprised to see your savings grow & make a real difference at Christmas.

Use our handy Weekly or Monthly Christmas Saver Charts and see how much you can save for Christmas and perhaps even the January sales too!

> Terms & Conditions

The following conditions apply in addition to those applicable to FAIRshare’s standard saving product –

• To join our Christmas Saver Account you must be a member of FAIRshare
• Flexible deposits by cash, standing order, or Payroll Savings (if offered by your employer)
• One ‘free withdrawal’ before 1st October is permitted. To encourage you to save there is a charge of £5 per withdrawal for 2 further withdrawals.  If more than 3 withdrawals are requested, the Christmas Saver Account will be closed & and funds will be transferred to an access saver account
• Withdrawals between 1st November & 20th December are free of charge
• The maximum value of savings permitted in a Christmas Saver Account is £15,000
• Any outstanding balance in your Christmas Saver Account as at 20th December will be carried forward automatically to your following year’s Christmas Saver Account
• Your Christmas Saver Account is completely separate from your main savings account & cannot be taken into account when calculating loans
• Please note, if someone is in arrears with their FAIRshare loan, we reserve the right to use the funds in their Christmas Saving Account to cover those arrears, and when opening a Christmas Saver Account, they are agreeing to this
• Other terms & conditions may apply.

Peace of Mind

FAIRshare members’ money is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) currently to the value of £85,000.

You can apply online to open a Christmas Saver account, or alternatively print and complete the paper application form below, and send to FAIRshare.

Need an extra helping hand? Why not consider applying for a Christmas loan to help cover your Christmas costs.

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