Engage VISA Debit Card with Rewards

Engage is an ethical VISA debit card and account (Classic Account) that truly benefits FAIRshare Credit Union members.  There are no nasty hidden charges and fantastic rewards that mean you can save money on your everyday shopping.

The Engage VISA debit card works just like an account from a high street bank.  You can use your Engage card to shop, pay bills and save money with our cashback rewards program.


The Engage VISA debit card is a prepaid pay-as-you-go VISA payment card and a simple, safe and low cost alternative to carrying cash and for shopping online.  In addition, you can earn cash rewards when you shop and use your card at participating retailers.  You can use it wherever you see the Visa acceptance mark.

Cardholders “load” or transfer money from their FAIRshare account onto their Engage Card, and then use the card to buy goods or services in store, online or over the phone, just like a debit card.  You can also withdraw money from cash machines or via cash back at major supermarkets.

You can only spend what you have loaded on your Engage Card, so there is no risk of going overdrawn – perfect for budgeting and managing your finances.

What does it cost?*

  • £2 per month management fee
  • FREE to apply for a card (you can also have an additional card for free too)
  • FREE for any purchases made within the UK
  • FREE cashback in shops – available at most major supermarkets
  • Only £0.75 for an ATM withdrawal in the UK
  • FREE to set up a standing order
  • FREE email alerts to help you track your spend
  • FREE mobile app available on Android and iPhone
  • FREE email alerts to help you track your spend
  • Engage Envelope Money Management Tool
  • Earn up to 15% cashback with Engage rewards partners
  • Replacement/lost card fee £5

*These costs apply within the UK – you can use the card abroad, but different charges will apply. Visit www.engageaccount.com for further details.

A detailed list of charges, fees and Terms & Conditions for FAIRshare members can be viewed here.

What are Cashback Rewards?

Fantastic rewards and offers available from national and local retailers when you use your Engage Visa debit card.  You can earn cashback rewards of up to 15% every time you use your Engage Visa debit card to pay for goods at any one of the following participating retailers:

For example, spend £200 in one month in Asda (this does NOT have to be in one transaction) and you will receive a cash rebate of £6, credited to your e-account one month later.  

This discount is in addition to any other special offers or loyalty schemes the retailer provides.

In addition your Engage account has are over 1600 online cashback rewards, discounts and vouchers – everything from designer clothes to home improvements.  Simply login to your Engage account, click on the “Online Rewards” tab at the top of the screen and browse around the online rewards page.

All cashback and offers are accurate at the time of publication and may be subject to change.  All cashback is paid into your Engage account one month in arrears.  Cashback rewards are only available to active Engage card holders.

Engage Envelope – Money Management Tool

Want to take the stress and hassle out of paying your rent, mortgage, utilities, and phone bills? Your Engage account comes with a special feature that allows you to place money into virtual Envelopes so you don’t accidentally spend the cash you need to pay essential bills. Envelopes are simple to set up and can be done by the account holder or the credit union staff. Once set up you don’t need to worry about them. Money will be automatically ring fenced when it comes into your account.

Engage download our Envelope Help Guide button large

Manage your account on the go

The Engage free mobile app makes it easier to access your account and manage your money wherever, whenever you want.  You can –

  • Check your balance
  • View transaction
  • Set up your Money Management Tool to pay bills or to put money aside
  • Request money from other Engage accounts
  • Send money to other bank and Engage accounts
  • View the latest cashback rewards
  • Locate your nearest PayPoint
  • Update your information
  • Request a call back from our customer service team

Available from:

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Google Play

To apply for an Engage Card complete the online application or download and complete the Application Form and post or take it to our Telford or Shrewsbury branch, or any of our FAIRshare Service Points.

pdf FAIRshare Engage Classic Application Form