Cost of Living Support

National and local Support tailored for you

If you are struggling with money worries and are not sure where to turn for safe advice, we encourage you to contact one of the national and local organisations for support. These organisations all say the same – don’t suffer in silence. The earlier you reach out for support, the easier it will be to find a solution to your problem. Even when it feels hopeless, you can be taken through simple steps so you feel in control of your finances.

Support in your Area

Your local council’s website can signpost you to the best local support in your area.

  • Shropshire County Council
  • Telford & Wrekin Council
  • South Staffordshire Council

Energy Hardship Funds

A list of companies that are offering a hardship fund to their customers.

  • Energy company websites offering a hardship fund.
  • See if your energy company is offering this service.
  • Simple Energy Advice website details.

Money Helper Budget Planner

The Money Saver Budget Planner helps you to manage your household spending.

  • A plan to shows what money you have coming in and out.
  • Helps you to find ways to manage your finances so you feel in control.

Debt Management Support

A selection of organisations and charities offering FREE and confidential advice tailored for your needs.

  • Contact details by phone or online.
  • FREE and confidential expert advice.
  • Helpful planning, budgeting tools and advice.

Stop Loan Sharks

Fairshare Credit Union is lending its support to a national campaign aimed at tackling loan sharks and raising awareness of where people can seek help.

  • The campaign is being led by the England Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) – a national team that investigates and prosecutes loan sharks. They also provide specialist support for people affected by this crime.

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