Payroll Savings for Employers

Promoting safe money management for staff

Payroll Savings for Employers                                                                    

A staff benefit you can offer to help improve financial well-being.  Payroll savings encourage staff to save in a safe, affordable way.

Would you be able to identify staff members who may have difficulties with their personal finances? Payroll savings are a confidential and additional benefit you can offer staff so that they can make manageable savings for those emergency payments. Doing this through the ethical approach of FAIRshare credit union means your staff are in good hands. This avoids them being vulnerable to loan sharks and other unscrupulous organisations.

Benefits to the Employer

  • NO cost to you
  • There is a small administrative role when processing payroll and transferring funds by BACS to FAIRshare, like pension deductions
  • Keeps local money in the local economy
  • Complements CSR and ESGs
  • Can enhance recruitment and retention of staff

Benefits to the Employee

  • NO cost to your employees
  • Encourages employees to create an emergency fund
  • Supports employees with safe money management
  • Confidential service
  • Savings automatically deducted at source
  • Benefits of FAIRshare membership – access to manageable, affordable small loans

Some of our Partners already enjoying the benefits of Employee Payroll Savings…

telford wrekin council

FAIRshare is a not-for-profit community bank which has served the county for over 27 years. Read the Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about the benefits of belonging to a Credit Union.

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