Member Forms

Downloadable forms for you to print off, complete, and return to FAIRshare –

Membership Application Form

Everyone who lives, works or studies in Shropshire, or works for a Shropshire based company, can join FAIRshare Credit Union.  To find out more about joining FAIRshare, Shropshire’s largest Credit Union, please click here.  You can apply to join FAIRshare online, or alternatively print and complete the paper application form below, and take to FAIRshare with 2 forms of identification.


pdf FAIRshare Membership Application Form

Loan Application Form

FAIRshare offers affordable, low-cost loans to its members from values of £50 to £7500.  To find out more about applying for a FAIRshare loan, please click here.  Its quick & easy to apply for a FAIRshare loan – complete the online loan application form, or print and complete the paper application form below and forward to FAIRshare.  We usually require supporting documentation including copies of your bank statements – your application will not be processed until these are received.


 pdf  FAIRshare Loan Application Form

Christmas Saver Account Application Form

Make your Christmas hassle free with FAIRshare’s Christmas Saver Account.  For more information on spreading the cost of Christmas, please click here.  You can apply online to open a Christmas Saver account, or alternatively print and complete the paper application form below, and take to FAIRshare.


 pdf FAIRshare Christmas Saver Account Application Form

Engage VISA Debit Card Application Form (Engage Classic)

This prepaid pay-as-you-go VISA payment card is a simple, safe, low cost alternative to carrying cash & for shopping online.  In addition, you earn cash rewards when you shop & use your card at participating retailers.  Please click here for more information.  To apply for an Engage VISA debit card complete the online application form, or print the form below, complete, and return to FAIRshare.


pdf  FAIRshare Engage Classic Application Form

Standing Order Form

If you wish to set up a regular standing order to pay money into your FAIRshare account, please contact FAIRshare or call 1952 200200 and we will email or post a Standing Order Form to you.

Payroll Saving Deduction Order Form

Saving direct from your salary is so easy and hassle free.  FAIRshare works with a number of Shropshire employees who offer this great benefit to their staff.  For more information, please click here.

pdf FAIRshare Payroll Saving Deduction Order Form

Partner Income Form

If your partner’s income is being included as part of the overall income being used in a loan application, your partner will need to complete this form, sign & return to FAIRshare.

pdf FAIRshare Partner Income Form

Young Saver Membership Application Form

Young Saver Accounts can be opened by adults for children from birth to under 16 years of age, who live or study
in Shropshire.  To find out more about opening a FAIRshare Young Saver Account, please click here – a great way to teach youngsters to save.

pdf FAIRshare Young Saver Membership Application Form

FAIRshare Credit Union Terms & Conditions

The current version of FAIRshare’s Terms & Conditions can be downloaded below

pdf FAIRshare Credit Union Terms & Conditions

FSCS Guide to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

For details of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme please download this leaflet

pdf FSCS Guide

Membership Withdrawal Form (to close an account)

If you wish to close your FAIRshare account, please print this form, complete this form & return to FAIRshare.

pdf FAIRshare Membership Withdrawal Form