Smartcash is a personal account for young people from 8 years – 16 years of age with parental permission, with its own Visa debit card and a free Smartcash App.  Smartcash links to a FAIRshare Young Savers account and is a great way for children to master money management.

Smartcash uses a VISA debit card so can be used online or in shops for complete peace of mind with no overdraft or debt risk and the card holder can earn cashback rewards along the way.

Who can apply for Smartcash?

A guardian or parent who is a current member of a FAIRshare, a UK resident and be at least 18 years old can apply.  Smartcash is for use by a young person between the ages of 8 and 16 years who is a member of FAIRshare Credit Union.  The guardian or parent has responsibility for the Smartcash account.

You can apply for Smartcash accounts for each of your children providing each child has a FAIRshare account.


Cashback Rewards

Smartcash account holders can earn fantastic high street and online cashback rewards whenever they use their Smartcash visa debit card.

You can earn cashback rewards of up to 15% every time you use your Smartcash Visa debit card to pay for goods at any one of the following participating retailers:

In addition your Smartcash account has over 1600 online cashback rewards, discounts and vouchers – everything from designer clothes to computer games.  Simply login to your Smartcash account, click on the “Online Rewards” tab at the top of the screen and browse around the online rewards page.

Click here for more information on Cashback Rewards.  All cashback and offers are accurate at the time of publication and may be subject to change.

Terms and Conditions and Fees

Click here for Smartcash Terms and Conditions and for Smartcash fees & limits.

To apply for Smartcash click here and complete the online application form.