Christmas with FAIRshare

How do you feel about Christmas?

Christmas should be a wonderful time for families to gather and show appreciation for each other. Sadly, the commercial pressures have made it an incredibly difficult time for some. We are keen to support families to enjoy the season whilst easing some of the financial burden.

FAIRshare is lucky enough to have a wonderful community of members who have shared some of their suggestions for cutting costs at Christmas. There seems an interesting trend to enjoy moments rather than gifts. What would you remember most? Here’s some member suggestions…

Martin Lewis has some brilliant tips for Christmas too. His website recommends not planning the perfect Christmas but one you can afford. One of the best points he makes is that when buying a gift for someone, they are obliged to buy in return. If it’s all got too much, why not agree not to buy gifts or set an affordable budget. You could try organising something to do with loved ones instead of gift giving such as visiting Christmas lights switch on with mince pies afterwards. You might just be reducing the stress on someone else at Christmas too!