Save £1000s buying a new Smart TV

If you’re considering buying a new Smart TV from a weekly payment store, please take time to read this first!  We could help you save £1000s buying a new Smart TV!  In fact, a FAIRshare loan is often significantly cheaper than purchasing household goods from weekly payment stores.

We’re looking for a new Smart TV!  The Samsung 55″ HDR UHD Smart LED TV (Manufacturer Code: UE55MU7000TXXU) looks a good option.  I thought I’d shop around and compare prices.

This Samsung model is available from BrightHouse, at a cost of £22.50 a week for 156 weeks, that’s 3 years.  The Product Price including delivery & installation is £1766.26, but with a 69.9% advertised Annual Fixed Interest Rate/Representative APR, the total payable will be £3510.00.

The same TV is advertised on the Currys website for £1149.00.  Delivery is included, but installation is an extra £45, making a total price of £1194.00.  We’re not in a position to purchase this outright at present, but I could apply for a FAIRshare loan.  So how much would this cost me?

A FAIRshare loan for £1194.00, repaid over 156 weeks costs £12.46 a week, and FAIRshare requires me to save £3 each week as well.  The total repayable is £1944.12 (APR 42.6%).  That’s a massive £1566.88 less than BrightHouse and when the loan’s repaid I’ll have savings with FAIRshare of £468 too!

And because FAIRshare loans are flexible, I could save even more money!  For example, if I can afford the BrightHouse weekly repayment of £22.50, I could repay my FAIRshare loan in just 80 weeks, and save even more money.  By paying £22.50 a week to FAIRshare (£19.50 loan repayment & £3 into savings) the total repayable is £1551.39 (42.6% APR).  That’s a whopping £1958.61 less than BrightHouse, AND I”ll have savings of £240 in my FAIRshare account too.

OK, its convenient to go to BrightHouse, but if I can save almost £2000, its got to be worth applying for a FAIRshare loan.

I can apply online, or complete a paper application form.  FAIRshare only lend what I can afford, so I’ll include my income and expenditure on the application and will need to send 2 months up to date bank statements.  Yes, its a little more work, and it can take a few days to get a decision on my loan, but I can save £1000s buying a new Smart TV with a FAIRshare loan.  I’m applying today!

Price comparisons taken from and on 15/08/17.


Representative Example –

Borrowing £1200 over 156 weeks will cost £12.52 a week + £3 a week savings – £15.52 including savings.
Total amount repayable is £1954.37 which includes interest at 42.6% APR (3% per month). Comparable Rate of Interest for true cost of borrowing 21.1%.
Total savings £468 after 156 weeks.